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Sherif The Computer Guy is conveniently located in Monmouth County, New Jersey and Serves  Most Parts of New Jersey as well As the New York Tri-State  Area.

On-Site Service
Call (732) 670-8416 to arrange a On-site call to your Home or Office. Whether you need the freedom of a wireless network, security from cyber crooks or repair of system hardware or software problems — we will come to you and take care of your issue quickly and securely.
No time windows — When you schedule us for 5PM, we'll be there at 5PM

Saturday, Sunday and Evening hours available at no extra charge.


Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance is done by using a special software to connect to your computer through the Internet. The remote assistance software allows us to see your screen and work on your computer as if we were sitting in front of it. The connection to your computer is not automatic. It does require your assistance and permission to be able to gain access to your computer through a secure connection, and during the Remote Assistance session you will see everything that our technician is doing on your computer. Click here read more about Remote Assistance.

(Item: REMOTE) 

Operating System Install

Are you still running Windows XP? We will help evaluate what operating system is right for you and make sure it’s installed properly — so you'll be good to go. Software additional.

(Item: OS_INSTALL)  $225


 Virus and Malware Removal

The problem with today’s villainous viruses is that you probably won't even know they are in your PC until it's too late. We’ll install antivirus software, Run a full deep scan and remove those unwanted critters that infected your machine and prevent new ones from coming. Software may be additional.

(Item: VIRUS_REMOVE)  $125


Software Installation

We will install any software title and update the software and make sure it is working properly. Excludes Windows Operating Sytems

(Item: SOFT_INSTALL) $85


Memory Install

Speed up your old computer, or upgrade your new, by adding more memory (RAM) to accommodate your computing needs. Hardware additional.

(Item: MEM_INSTALL) $85


Hard Drive Install

We will install and copy over your old data to your new drive that will give your PC more storage space. Additional services may apply. Hardware additional.

(Item: HD_INSTALL) $150


CD/DVD/DRD-RW Drive Install

If your computer doesn’t have it already, an optical drive gives it CD/DVD readability — but more importantly, it’s ideal for working with music and movie creation software programs. The drive also gives you tons of data backup and storage space to safely keep your numerous projects. We’ll install an optical drive into your computer’s chassis; then test its read/write capabilities in a windows environment to make sure you’re ready to rock. Hardware additional.

(Item: DVD_INSTALL) $85


I/O Card Install

We’ll install any PC compatible internal card (Network, USB, Video, or Sound Card)  into your desktop. Including all of  the necessary drivers and software. Hardware additional.

(Item: CARD_INSTALL) $85


Data Backup

Don't wait until its to late, Just in case lightning strikes, make sure you have a copy of all your important documents and files — plus photos, music and all the things you don't want to lose. Service includes a disk(s) (DVD or CDs) with up to 4GB of information. There may be limitations on what files we can copy. Contact us for details.

(Item: DATA_BAK) $85


Data Transfer

We can seamlessly transfer all of the data you want to keep from your old computer onto your new one. Including your background picture and favorites.

(Item: DATA_TR) $150


Computer Cleaning

Dust — believe it or not, is one of your computer's worst enemies. The accumulation of dust particles in your computer case can shorten the life of your PC. The particles block essential airflow to the system which causes the processor and hard drive to overheat, creating irreversible damage. Bring your PC to us and we will do the dirty work.

(Item: CLEAN) $85



You haven't the foggiest idea what it is — but somewhere inside your computer, something is very wrong. We will get to the heart of the matter and root out whatever source. We'll advise you on the best course of action for you to take to get your PC back into tip-top shape.

(Item: DIAG) $45


Create a Restore CD (New PC Only)

So you get your new PC home, open up the box, and blinking your befuddled eyes, you ask no one in particular... "Where are the install disks?" Well, most new PCs come with the restore copy of your new system on the hard drive. That’s great unless the hard drive fails. Take the fuss out of creating a restore disk.

(Item: RESTORE_CD) $125


Computer Checkup

Just like your car, your PC needs regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly. This complicated system, capable of making millions and millions of calculations every second, needs to be tuned up from time to time to prevent potential problems. We will tweak your system with a wide range of services, including:

                       * Perform full hardware and software diagnostic evaluation

                       * Update antivirus and antispyware software

                       * Complete Full scans for viruses and spyware

                       * Install critical Windows updates

                       * System optimization

                       * Clean computer inside and out



Wipe Your Hard Drive Clean

Before you sell, donate or discard your old computer, make sure it is completely clean of all existing data and applications and prevent being a victim of identity theft. We will do a secure wipe on the hard drive and wipe the slate clean.

Computer will no longer contain a operation system.

(Item: WIPE) $85



New PC Setup and System Customization

Now, when you purchase a new PC you no longer have to worry about plugging the wrong what-have-you into the wrong plug-thingy. We will go out to your house to get your system all fixed up from scratch. Once you’re set up, we’ll customize your computer to best suit your needs and remove the unnecessary applications. Plus, we’ll get you rolling with all the recent patches and critical updates you need

(Item: PC_SETUP) $150


Wireless Network Setup

A wireless network allows you to share your high-speed internet connection with every PC in your home. Which means you can browse the web from your laptop in the backyard, print from your couch and email work from your bed.

We can add that flexibility to your home computing experience. Just call (732) 670-8416 to arrange for us to come to your home or office to set up your wireless network.

 The Wireless Network Setup includes:

1.       Installation of a router and applicable cards to a high-speed source between 2 or more computers.
(Hardware is not included).

 2.       Configuration of router settings — Username/Password, to encrypt your network.

3.       Verify connections to make sure the networked computers can share and print (if applicable).

After your network is installed and up and running, We will walk you through file and print sharing and discuss any network limitations that you might have.

Note: Additional charges will apply if your computer already has spyware or viruses and you want to have them removed.



Add a Device to an Existing Network

Expand your network. Whether it’s wired or wireless, we will come out to your home to add your new computer to your existing network. We’ll install a network card in the PC and set you up so that your file and print sharing is connected to your shared network resources.  This service applies to one local computer.

Note: Access Point, Router and Broadband setup/installation are not included, running data cable between rooms is also an additional charge.

(Item: NETWORK_ADD) Call for Free Estimate


Data Cable Run

Whether you need just one Cable run from one room to another or a whole office done, we can do if for you. Our Data Cabling Team has experience in single or multi-story home environments, small and large offices, and buildings with hundreds of drops. When we jointly work with our Network Engineers, no job is to small or to large for our data cabling team.

(Item: DATA_RUN) Call for Free Estimate